The manufacturer of the celebrated traditional Red Plate is Waechtersbach.

Their quality ceramic dinnerware has been distributed in the US through Waechtersbach USA founded in 1975. The products of Waechtersback are distinctive for their vibrant colors, brilliant glaze work and contemporary designs. The have a quality that is only found in exacting standards and decades old craftsmanship. European manufactured since 1832*, their quality dinnerware and accessories are bright splashes of color with timeless form. The bright and captivating ceramics they make, like the traditional red plate have a wonderful history both as part of the history of ceramics and in the history of the company.

The word “ceramic” derives from the Greek. “Kerameus” can be translated as “potter” and is probably one of the oldest job titles. Generally the term ceramic means, goods, which are produced by a potter. Ceramic products are to a large extent handmade and receive their final shape and their appearance only by firing at approximately 1100 degrees Celsius. Waechtersbach dinnerware is carefully made high fired ceramic earthenware.

A Waechtersbach History

In the year 1829, white clay was found in Schlierbach Forest, near Frankfurt am Main, belonging to the Ysenburg-Waechtersbach preserve. In the spring of 1832, overseer Johann Scharff, born 1781 in Echternach/Luxemburg, examined the clay and found it excellent for the manufacture of Earthenware. Since the other material needed for the production of earthenware such as gravel, sand and calcareous tuff were also available in the immediate vicinity, they (5 gentlemen from Waechtersbach and 2 gentlemen from Schlierbach) got together to try and bring these resources together. On June 8, 1832 they established an Earthenware Factory in Schlierbach to be known as “Waechtersbacher Earthenware”. In addition to the factory in Schlierbach, there is a castle that has been the home of the royal Ysenburg and Budingen Family for more than 700 years. For the community of Brachttal and the surrounding villages, the Waechtersbach Keramik factory is the most significant employer.

Our store is delighted to offer the plates manufactured by Waechtersbach. Our family’s German roots and love of tradtion make it a pleasure to offer the special red plate for celebration and affirmation, along with the Birthday plate to mark the years spent together.

* Manufacture of the You Are Special Today red plate was moved to China around 2010.

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