We received our Red Plate as a wedding gift in 1983. This plate has been embraced by countless celebrations from the major events to quiet happy achievements that become even more memorable with the table donned with the plate. My kids, who are both now in college, still get a kick out of having their accomplishments recognized by finding the plate at their seat for dinner.

This plate has given accolades to events such as good report cards, first teeth, home runs, soccer goals, recitals, making the varsity teams, ring day, scoring well on the SAT, random acts of kindness to one another and just a few weeks ago celebrating my son’s first successful semester at college and making the dean’s list for my daughter.

It is a joy to give this plate as a gift with a note to let the receiver know what potential “Happy Occasions” lie ahead to celebrate!!

FROM: MLB, Finksburg, MD

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