When our wonderful neighbors welcomed their second daughter, I included the following explanation of the “Red Plate” with their “Red Plate” gift.

“The Red Plate” is a tradition in our home. Having had five children, we wanted each child to feel special at various times. If one of them got an “A” on a test, he/she would have dinner on the “Red Plate.” Every birthday was a “Red Plate” event. The “Red Plate” was always available for a great try in a sporting event, helping a sibling unselfishly, an award from school, going above and beyond what was expected of them, receiving a letter of acceptance from a college, a visit home from college or the Navy, a job promotion, a wedding, a new baby, etc.

It is our pleasure to pass this wonderful tradition of the “Red Plate” onto your family in celebration of the birth of your beautiful daughter.”

They were thrilled to begin the same tradition for their family.

FROM: JCS, Thousand Oaks, CA

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