Get it there by Christmas!

Shipping is at its peak this time of year. Individual package delivery times can vary significantly, especially for those who live in rural areas.

The guide below is based on the best available information from our shipping carriers. Use the information in the guide to select the option that best fits your needs.
This is a guide not a guarantee of delivery times. All information provided is based on information from the shipping partner. We have no control over the handling of any package once it is handed over to UPS or USPS.
MethodArrive byShip byOrder Placed byTrackableGuaranteed
UPS GroundDec 24Dec 168am CST – Dec 15YES
USPS Priority MailDec 24Dec 158am CST – Dec 14YES*
YES* = Trackable but not all segments will be updated
** Between 12/20-12/25 USPS Priority Mail Express will take one additional business day.

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