Through the twenty-five years our family has had the red plate, we have used the plate for events that are special to individuals in our family, and not just for the traditional birthday and anniversary events.

Just the other day we were celebrating the engagement of our daughter Elizabeth and reminiscing with her about other times we have enjoyed the use of the plate. Elizabeth, my husband and I were all able to recall a day back in 5th grade when she came home from school and announced that she wanted the plate for supper that night, but that we would have to wait for supper for her to tell us the reason. Ironically, while we could all remember that part of the story, none of us could remember what reason she gave at dinner.

At the time it was of monumental importance, but years later we couldn’t remember if it was a special award she was given, an event she was chosen to attend, or maybe beating all the girls in her class in a track meet. I know the plate was enjoyed for all those occasions. We use it celebrate little successes as well as huge accomplishments. We like our plate so much that we have given it as gifts for graduations, hoping that others will use and enjoy the plate as much as our family.

FROM: BJM, Grundy Center, IA

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