“You Are Special Today” Red Plate

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This is the original “red plate” carefully made by Waechtersbach. Share the red plate tradition with those you love.

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This is the original “red plate” carefully made by Waechtersbach, producer of world famous ceramics noted for their brilliant, deep color.

  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • 10.75-in. diameter.
  • Gift Boxed with a pen

This plate is a perfect complement to Waechtersbach’s solid cherry red dinnerware, known as the “Fun Factory” line. Set the table in red and replace one setting with the “You Are Special” plate to honor a guest or celebrate an occasion. If you would like to read more on the tradition of the Red Plate, or to share your own story, please visit our blog.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 3 in

75 reviews for “You Are Special Today” Red Plate

  1. Lori (West Milford, NJ )

    I love the symbolism of the Red Plate
    I love the symbolism of the Red Plate. A small gesture can make someone’s day. I have given this as a gift to two different families and they both have shared it with their family members. Just knowing that you are loved is the most important blessing in a day!

  2. Karen (Alabama)

    A family tradition since 1982
    My Mom has had her Special Plate since 1982. She notes all of the events we use the plate for in a book. It brings up so many memories to flip back through the book and talk about who signed it. Some have now passed away, also included are old boyfriends, marriages, anniversaries, graduations, Jesus’ Birthday on Christmas where the plate is set in the middle of the table. My bday was the last entry 1/7. It has over 200 names. We had to make extra sheets! My son just got engaged. His fiancé loved my Mother’s plate and what it represented and was so excited to receive her beautifully wrapped plate as a shower gift. Now she can document their special guests!

  3. Celeste (St. Louis, MO)

    All of my children have one!
    All 5 of my adult children were given one for a wedding gift. They LOVE this neat tradition. I purchased it for a niece who loves it as well. Red Plate Store shipped it the next day – WOW!!!

  4. Wilda (Highlands, NC)

    Gift of choice for 30 years
    I have given many of these over the last 30 years, and all have been well received!!! I love mine also.

  5. Margaret (Anderson, SC)

    Happy with everything !!
    Happy with everything !! They loved it!!

  6. Patti (Illinois)

    Usually the most “aw” gift given
    Have been ordering The Red Plate for years for weddings and baby showers. It’s usually the most “aw” gift given and most want to know where I got it. It’s a wonderful gift for those starting out; to be the “special” person that gets the red plate and for it to be documented and earlier events remembered each time it is brought out. Love it!!!

  7. Kim (Jacksonville FL )

    Our red plate is covered with special memories
    I received the “you are special today” red plate as a wedding gift almost 25 years ago. At this point, our plate is almost covered, front and back, with special memories. I give the “you are special today” red plate as a wedding gift to all of my friends.

  8. Melissa (-)

    Great family tradition
    Good product and quick service. Great family tradition.

  9. Cathy (San Luis Obispo )

    My husband and I received one as a wedding gift 35 years ago
    It’s the wedding gift I give….my husband and I rec’d as a wedding gift 35 years ago….we didn’t have a dishwasher so I served him his dinner every night on the red plate…we got a dishwasher and he wondered what happened. Funny…it has always been special to us and I enjoy gifting to others

  10. Penelope (Forest Lake, MN )

    A wonderful gift
    They loved the “You Are Special Today” Red Plate. It Red Plates make a wonderful gift.

  11. Anonymous (…)

    Loved this as a wedding gift!
    Loved this as a wedding gift to start a family tradition of celebrating special days!

  12. Joe (Puyallup, WA )

    A family tradition we are passing on to our kids
    The red plate has been a family tradition and now we are passing it on to our kids. Our daughter was surprised and very happy to have a red plate of her own.

  13. Betty (Provo, UT )

    Many thanks
    It was shipped immediately and reached me even sooner than I expected. Many thanks. It was a wedding gift, and I have not received a response yet.

  14. Sharon (Michigan )

    Very well received
    Beautiful plate to gift and very well received

  15. Carrie (Glendora, CA )

    Best wedding gift ever!!!
    Best wedding gift ever!!!

  16. Phyllis (Montevallo, AL )

    I use them for wedding presents, to preserve memories
    I was completely satisfied with my red plates. I plan to use them for wedding presents, to preserve memories.

  17. Joe (Charlotte NC )

    This was a gift for clients.
    This was a gift for clients. Since I am a Realtor I always try to give a personalized closing gift. The clients moved from NC to FL to be close to their grandchildren. They were elated and text me the nicest note upon reviving the Red Plate. The wife was using it the next day since it was her birthday. I can’t say enough how excited I was to share a personal gift and tradition with such a lovely family.

  18. Tracie (Hopkinsville, KY )

    Love it!!
    “The Red Plate” was our favorite wedding gift 31 years ago. It has seen promotions, anniversaries, sports wins, birthdays, good grades, and a host of other happy occasions with our family over the years. It is my go to wedding gift so I can wish the same happiness for newly married couples today. Love it!!

  19. Lisa (Missouri )

    The bride to be loved it.
    I bought this as a wedding shower gift and gave it with a journal and a note. The note was to explain the tradition that our family has. We use the Red Plate to celebrate anything special that someone has done in our family. The person then makes a journal entry with the date and the reason for the celebration. The bride to be loved it.

  20. Margaret (Anderson, SC )

    I give the Red Plate as a wedding gift very often
    I give the Red Plate as a wedding gift very often, along with a note telling the bride and groom some of the ways our family has used the plate. They are usually very appreciative and they love the gift.

  21. Natalie (Ohio )

    Beautiful plate!
    Beautiful plate and great customer service! Thank you!

  22. Heather (Vermont )

    The Red Plate is always a crowd pleaser as a gift!
    Everything was done in an expedient and professional manner! The Red Plate is always a crowd pleaser as a gift!

  23. Sue (Birmingham, MI )

    My boys loved it when they were young
    I haven’t heard from the recipient yet, but my boys loved it when they were young.

  24. – (-)

    Both our adult children have their own red plate
    Our family had a red plate which we used for special occasions. Now the tradition continues. Both our adult children have their own red plate to carry on the tradition with their families.

  25. Maren (Indianapolis )

    I gave this as part of a baby shower gift
    I gave this as part of a baby shower gift, since I wasn’t invited to the “to be” parents’ wedding. I usually give red plates as wedding gifts, since it’s something we’ve used in our family for years.

  26. Patty (Austin, TX )

    My niece will carry on the red plate tradition!
    Our family has a tradition of using the Red Plate for any celebration. My niece is getting married and of course she needed her own Red Plate to carry on the tradition!

  27. Louise (Irmo, SC )

    This is my favorite gift to give
    This is my favorite gift to give – everyone who receives it is delighted! My family has enjoyed the tradition for many years.

  28. Anne (Colorado)

    Everyone likes them.
    I order these a lot to give as gifts. Everyone likes them.

  29. Maria (New Jersey)

    I love the plate and so did my son and new daughter-in-law
    I love the plate and so did my son and new daughter-in-law, the recipients…I did not like the fact that the box was crushed on one side and it looked old…I was able to tape it and make it presentable for gift-giving…I have had a you-are-special plate for many years, white with red lettering, and used it to celebrate every important moment in our children, ours and other family members life…the plate is a very special part of our life and it has become the same for our older son and his family….hopefully, the tradition will continue with the newly weds …

  30. Robert (Norwalk, CT )

    A wonderful tradition
    A wonderful tradition, we gift a red plate to every newly married couple in our extended family.

  31. Karen (Nicholasville, KY )

    Very Pleased With It
    The recipient was very pleased with it. I felt the quality was very good, especially for the price.

  32. Donald (Spearfish SD )

    Will be used for our next fundraiser
    We are going to use it at our family reunion in June of this year. It will be one of our auction items to raise funds for our next reunion,, These auctions always pays for all the food for our three day reunion. We always raise about 2 thousand dollars. Thank You

  33. Christine (Northville mi )

    Loved it
    Loved it

  34. Betsy (Nashville, Tn )

    We love our Red Plate.
    6/29/2016 6:54 PM
    We love our Red Plate. My favorite times are when our daughters give it to each other for “braver” (jumping off the high dive), mom for going back to work after 12 years, etc. Don’t just use it for birthdays! We always give it to guests when they eat with us.

  35. Sandra (Redondo Beach CA )

    We use ours frequently
    The “You are Special Today” plate is a tradition in our family. We use ours frequently. I love to give the red plate as a wedding gift, a tradition that they can begin in their own home.

  36. Robert (Decorah IA)

    I always keep one for upcoming gifts
    I always like to keep one in my closet for upcoming special couple gifts.

  37. KC, (Medina, MN)

    I love the Red Plate tradition!
    I love the Red Plate tradition! My wonderful mother-in-law gave me a Red Plate when I was engaged and my family has enjoyed the Red Plate tradition for almost 35 years. Over the years we have celebrated many events on the Plate, including birthdays, good grades, wins on sporting teams, music concerts/performances, confirmations, new jobs and promotions, graduations, the day the braces came off, random acts of kindness and even catching the BIG FISH! The Red Plate has even been on vacation with us. I purchase Plates from the Red Plate store for wedding and engagement gifts and I encourage young couples to celebration what is “special” in each of them and to each of them. The gift is affordable, different and personal. I have literally given dozens and dozens of Plates over the years and my gift is always appreciated.

  38. Freda (East Lansing MI )

    It makes the PERFECT gift.
    This is my third time ordering red special plates. It’s been a tradition in my family for decades and I pass this onto every bride and groom that I know! with a bottle of champagne, it makes the PERFECT gift.

  39. Brenda (Bentonville, AR )

    A nice start to a family tradition
    Love the Red Plates and love the quick response. We give them as gifts whenever an employee gets married. So far the response has been great. A nice start to a family tradition.

  40. Sue (Ann Arbor, MI)

    The “You Are Special Today” red plate arrived quickly
    The “You Are Special Today” red plate arrived quickly and was packed securely — THIS plate would not be delivered broken (plate from Amazon was broken). Thank you! However, I was unhappy to find that the box in which the plate itself was to be found was torn on both sides of the tab which allows the box to be opened. I felt that the box looked used or tampered with — as though someone had carelessly re-opened it after the plate was originally packed – rather than brand, spanking new like the plate itself. Yes, I’m fussy, but when I give a gift, I like everything – wrapping, box, tissue, item – to look really good.

  41. Cherie (Modesto, CA )

    The red plate is a family tradition
    The red plate is a tradition in our family. First purchased by my mother in law. It’s special to purchase one & pass on it’s tradition to other family members.

  42. Amy (Lafayette, IN )

    My husband and I received a red plate almost 29 years
    Both plates ordered will be wedding gifts in the next couple of months. My husband and I received a red plate almost 29 years ago as a wedding gift. I have given red plates as either a shower or wedding gift to our relatives and friends. It’s nice to give a meaningful gift which doesn’t take too much time!

  43. Lauren (San Diego, CA )

    Was great!
    Was great!

  44. Lori (Modesto, CA )

    Fast, efficient service!
    Fast, efficient service!

  45. Karen (Nicholasville, KY )

    Will order again
    This is a replacement to be given as a gift. It was packaged well and arrived in good time. I will order some more as gifts.

  46. Margaret (Anderson, SC)

    They loved it!!
    They loved it!!

  47. Loralyn (Ventura, CA )

    The Bride really liked this Gift
    I bought the traditional red plate as a bridal shower gift. She really liked it to start a new family tradition.

  48. Brenda (Bentonville, AR )

    Many Happy Memories with the Red Plate
    Beautiful plate and a thoughtful gift that will house many happy memories.

  49. Laura (Ohio )

    The Red Plate Makes Children Feel Special
    Love these so much for making children- and big children- feel special.

  50. Rene (West Lafayette, IN)

    My daughter and her husband were delighted!
    My daughter and her husband – and new baby were delighted to get the plate. We had something like it when our children were growing up but in a couple of moves I’d lost track of it. It may show up yet! I don’t quite understand the red pen idea. We used our plate so often we would have had to have a notebook to record the times!!

  51. Melissa (Mandeville, Louisisana )

    A Favorite Gift to Give
    The You are Special plate is a favorite gift to give from our family! It is a wonderful tradition.

  52. Meg (Paducah, KY )

    A 30 Year Tradition
    Our Red Plate has been a family tradition for 30 years. It is fun to pass this tradition on to the next generation!

  53. Jean (The Woodlands, Texas )

    Perfect for anyone to use recognizing an accomplishment or birthday!

  54. Helen (Ohio )

    Good Quality
    I purchased the red plate as a Baptism gift for my grandson. The plate is a vibrant red color of good weight and quality to ensure celebrating many years of special days.

  55. B.J. (Wichita, KS)

    For a very dear Friend
    I bought 2 of the You Are Special Today Red Plates. One for a very dear friend of mine for her birthday and she loved it. I the other for another dear friend/cousin for her birthday which is coming up.

  56. Debbie (Fort Worth, TX )

    Favorite Go To Wedding Gift
    My red plate has been a part of my life for 28+ years. It is my favorite go to wedding gift as I received mine as a wedding gift. The red plate has held up beautifully and I am confident that it will be celebrating with my family for another 28 years.

  57. Carol (Champaign, IL)

    Arrived in Great Condition
    Product arrived in great condition.

  58. Julie (Corpus Christi, TX)

    The best tradition
    I started this tradition with my kids they loved seeing a red plate on the table for special dinner. They each had their own plate, They have start their own family’s tradition using their red plate. The Best Tradition ever.

  59. Leslie (Idaho)

    Gift for A First Birthday
    This was a gift for the first birthday of my nephew. He loved it and his parents plan to serve his birthday cake on it every year and when he starts winning tennis championships!

  60. J.D. (New York)

    They Love Them
    I bought red plates for all of my grand kids and they love them.

  61. K.L. (Michigan)

    A Family Tradition
    Red plate is a family tradition and the grandchildren will be receiving one as part of their wedding present.

  62. Bill C. (-)

    My Family Has Enjoyed the Red Plate for Years
    My Family has enjoyed The Red Plate for special occasions for years. Recently I ordered to give to other Families. A very special gift for many years of enjoyment. Blessings to all Bill C.

  63. Barbara R. (-)

    My “Go To” Gift At Bridal Showers
    I’m so glad I can come to RedPlateStore.com to purchase The Red Plate! It has been our family tradition to use the Special Plate to celebrate things large and small for the past 30 years. Ours is now chipped from use but it is much loved. This is my “go to” gift at bridal showers..along with a story of encouragement and how we use the plate. It is fun to watch the next generation love their Special Plate as much as we love ours!

  64. Anonymous (-)

    I Love Giving The Red Plate
    I have had a red plate for years! I love giving a red plate for gifts to family so they can celebrate family moments by eating on the plate and writing on the back the important date of celebration! A great way to remember mile stones in lives of family members.

  65. — (—)

    The Smiles on Their faces Let Me Know This Tradition Would Live On
    My family grew up using the Red Plate for special occasions. This was a Christmas gift to each of my four children and their families. The smiles on their faces let me know this was a tradition that will live on in their families for many years to come!

  66. Jenn M. (–)

    They Absolutely Loved It
    We had a Red Plate in our home when I was a kid. My sisters and I loved it. Birthdays, graduations, good report cards–it was a simple yet special treat on these special occasions. Now we’re all living in different states so I decided to send my sisters Red Plates for their own families for Christmas. They absolutely loved it and it brought up some great memories that had been long forgotten. We all hope to continue the tradition for many years to come.

  67. Darla (—)


    The PERFECT gift the child will NOT out grow out of….

  68. Marilyn (Arizona)

    My Children Loved For Birthdays
    My children loved this plate for their birthdays and are now requesting to borrow mine for my grandchildren. So I am buying them one of their own as I do not want to give up mine.

  69. Anonymous (—)

    May Need Another One!
    My Granddaughter ONLY eats her breakfast on the Red Plate. I hope to continue this with Grandchild #2, so I may need another one!

  70. Linda (Florida)

    Awesome Product
    In a time constraint to find the perfect unusual 1st birthday gift that would start a new family tradition. Red Plate was a huge success! You exceeded my expectations, awesome product and excellent customer service. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again.

  71. Julia (Washington)

    It’s My Go To Gift
    We have loved this product since first receiving one 20 years ago when our son was born. It is my go to gift for baby showers or first birthdays

  72. Sue (Texas)

    No Complaints
    I did not actually see the plate that was delivered but there were no complaints or negative comments. I am planning on sending another plate soon out to California from Texas.

  73. James (North Carolina)

    Truly Unique
    A truly unique way to capture special memories

  74. Linda (Texas)

    Wonderful For Families
    The Red Plate is an extraordinarily unique and meaningful gift. We were first introduced to it when a friend gave it to my daughter when my first grandchild was born. That grandson is now nearly 17 & their red plate has been used over & over to celebrate many difference special occasions. It’s even accompanied them to restaurants for special occasions. My daughter has kept an accurate celebration account on the back of the plate & it’s nearly out of room! A wonderful gift for those families who will use & enjoy it to the fullest degree! I don’t give it to “just anyone”!

  75. Anne (Kentucky)

    A Great Wedding Present!
    A great wedding present! And it’s wrapped and shipped so I don’t have to worry about it!

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