In January of 2006, four months after Katrina struck New Orleans & the Gulf Coast, my husband & I left our home in Connecticut for New Orleans. We were two of many with family ties to that area who had to see & feel first hand the enormity of the devastation. We have many cousins, uncles and friends there. We needed to be with them. Most were very fortunate to still have homes, but Katrina brought dispair to just about all. We listened to all the stories & know that these special family members were all and still are trying to find a ray of sunshine after such a far reaching devastating experience.

We had a family reunion while there, and everyone came. I think they were ready for some sort of celebration and hope. In one suitcase, I brought You Are Special Big Red Plates or a You Are Special Red Mug for all to have as favors. I wrote the date on the bottoms.

I can’t tell you how Special we all felt !! But I can tell you these were the hit of the day….I have given your website to several who were there & asked, “Where ever did you find such special gifts?”

They tell me they use them for so many reasons all year round & think about that day a year ago the sun came out…………….

FROM: EPUT, Norwalk, Ct

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