From the very beginning of this blog we have enjoyed connecting people to the stories of those who celebrate the tradition of the Red Plate. This blogger’s great post (no longer live) about how the Red Plate Tradition is meaningful in her family has the added bonus of many comments from readers. Some of talk about celebrating the tradition in a similar way but using blue plates, green plates and a special plate made at the pottery store.

This Blogger mentions having two plates so that she can let both her children know they are special. Perhaps she should get ready for the possibility that some day the tables may turn and the kids will set out the plates for her and her husband. Our family has two plates but six children (we aren’t ready to go that far). We have enjoyed the occasional “Twofer” with the plates set out for the grandparents, two children in the play, or by our kids for our own anniversary.

The most plates in one household we know of is the Masche family who were given six plates by after the birth of their sextuplets in June of 2007. Six birthdays at the same time, Yikes!

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