Please tell your story in the space provided: Over 20 years ago, I saw a Red Plate in a home in Ohio. My mother bought one for us to take to Sheffield, England, where we have lived for the past 35 years. We have used the Red Plate for birthdays, even in restaurants!, for achievements, for celebrations, for encouragement, for effort. This has included ballet success to ice hockey championships, trips to Nepal and South Africa, to going to university. A real, tangible symbol of Love.

This past weekend, we gave our son and his bride a Red Plate of their own at the rehearsal dinner. That morning, our son said that he wished that they had put a Red Plate on their bridal registry list…little did he know that we gave him our ‘spare’, still in its box, over twenty years old! Now we have just bought one to send our eldest son for his 30th birthday later in August.

The tradition lives on! Thank you!

KAW (Wilmington, Ohio and Sheffield, England)

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