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Passing Along the Tradition

I want my children to remember special events in our family life. The Red Plate is only taken out for special occasions. I’ve wanted to pass along this tradition to my nieces and nephews as they start their married life. FROM: MS, Algonquin, IL

Its Memories Cannot Be Broken

My wife has had the “You are special today” red plate her whole life. It was used for everyone’s special days. When we started living together Jessica inherited the red plate, it quickly became our family tradition also. We make everyday special, and...

Love from Grandma “Sugar”

FROM: MBB, Aliceville, AL When I was a child, my grandmother (we call her “Sugar”) would let me eat off of the “Special Plate” for lunch when I came to visit her. This truly made me feel like I was very special, and it was one of the many...

A Plate Full Of Tears

As a pastor, I encounter families in many different ways. One particular family with several young children had set the “You are Special Plate” out for me on the occasions when I stayed for dinner. I found the love in that family to be a wonderful reflection of...

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