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Passing Along the Tradition

I want my children to remember special events in our family life. The Red Plate is only taken out for special occasions. I’ve wanted to pass along this tradition to my nieces and nephews as they start their married life. FROM: MS, Algonquin, IL

From Our Mouths to God’s Ears

FROM: RH, Burney Ca My husband and I were going through premarital counseling with our pastor. He asked what kind of traditions we would like to have as a married couple. We said we would like to have a red plate. From our mouths to God’s ears, we got our red...

Future Mother-In-Law Surprises Groom-To-Be

FROM: MB, Littleton, CO Our daughter’s boyfriend, Jared, invited my husband and me to dinner at an Italian restaurant. We had a pretty good idea that he was going to ask for our blessing before he proposed to Liz. So I brought my Red Plate in a large handbag...

Pass it on as a Heirloom

When my husband & I got married 35 years ago, my mother gave us the “Red Plate” and told us when we have children to be sure to use it on special occassions. We had 2 sons and when there was something special in their childhood we always used the...

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