I received my first RED Plate at my 1st baby shower. I’d never heard of it, and the person that gave it to me told me how it was used at special times in her house of 3 children. The way she talked about it really touched me and made me want to start my own tradition. I didn’t use it ’till 5 years later, for my daughter’s 5 yr birthday-that qualified as a special day!

I now have 2 children and I’ve used it for good report cards, birthdays, work promotions, etc…, not just for the kids, but for adults too. Every time it comes out, it brings a smile to whoever gets to use it that day. I’ve bought a couple more to give to them when they are older. To this day, I can say, that was the best baby shower gift ever!

FROM: NK, Rockledge, FL

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