When my husband & I got married 35 years ago, my mother gave us the “Red Plate” and told us when we have children to be sure to use it on special occassions. We had 2 sons and when there was something special in their childhood we always used the “Red Plate”. Our oldest is married and has a daughter and we gave them their “Red Plate.” Our youngest son will be married in June 2007 and we have his plate ready to give them for a wedding gift.

My husband and his daughter have finally been reunited after she been given up for adoption by her mother 36 years ago. For her birthday last year we gave her the “Red Plate”. She was thrilled about her “Red Plate” and wrote to tell us she will use it for special occasions with her family! I think the “Red Plate” is a very special gift that can be passed on as an heirloom. It also makes that person feel very special and important! We not only use it for children but for adults as well.

FROM: VM, Tustin, CA

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