Over 35 years ago, our family received a “Red Plate” as a bread and butter gift. When three of the four girls married and started their own families, each received their own “Red Plate” to continue or begin their own traditions. I use the “Red Plate” for every holiday meal and family gathering, selecting a “person of the day” to recognize (birthday, anniversary, graduation, new guest, so forth). Now, I give a “Red Plate” as a shower gift to all of the new brides in our family and to special friends and children of friends. I also include a letter from us telling them about our traditional and why they are special to us and why we give the plate.

Now, at showers – everyone knows my gift and all the new brides and recipients all light up and say, “We have one of those, we have one of those!” I also make sure that the gift received my signature packaging: Toile wrapping paper tied with silk ribbon and dried roses. It is always an anticipated, welcome and appreciated gift.

FROM: SAS, Houston, Texas

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